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In my case, Google Keyword Planner returned 800 keywords searched. Upload yours as a CSV file and name it as 01 Keywords or something else with a number because there will be other files to download / created st. This is the best place for keyword research because it will provide you with the most complete and targeted list of words. Google Trends not only allows you to compare the popularity of one keyword over another, but it also tells you which keywords are gaining popularity in your market, allowing you to exploit the best keywords of your niche.

Tip You can also export the results in CSV format, which can help you from the point of view of organization and reports. If you are interested in local referral, you should familiarize yourself with Bulk Keyword Generator. It's designed for marketing professionals like you who go beyond a simple blog for friends. Every tool on this list is extremely good. However, SECockpit is one of those at the top of the hierarchy.

The Keyword Planner helps you find the keywords that are most relevant to your business. You can then add them to your plan. Get suggested bid estimates and discover the search frequency in keywords and the evolution of their search volume over time. In this way, you can refine your keyword list and define your budget for the keywords you really want. When you have a plan that you like, you can save it to your account or share your plan with others.

Market Samurai is Noble Samurai's keyword analysis tool, which also features video development software called Content Samurai. Although he is not a big name on the Web, he has a follow-up thanks to its low price and good basic characteristics. Market Samurai centralizes all of the key keyword search queries, including keyword suggestions from a seed, analyzing SEO competition, and finding relevant and mature fields.

In addition, this time, I followed predefined evaluation criteria to make my Top 10 more replicable. In what follows, I will list the crucial evaluation criteria and the results of my analysis on which the above summary is based. There were three main criteria that I took into account in the process. It was the most subjective question to evaluate in my analysis. I decided to give each keyword research tool a score of 1 being the best possible score to 6 the worst score.

Google Keyword Planner is the first keyword research tool that most people learn. It may not be the most advanced. This may not be the only one you should use. But, as it is run by Google, it should always be in the back of your mind when using a keyword explorer. In the same way as Google Keyword Planner, the 7search tool is extremely easy to use. When landing on the 7search home page, click on the Publicity button in the top navigation menu.

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Although it draws much of its keyword planner information, I really like long tail pro because it also tells you pretty much how a keyword is compe titive. Johnatan, thank you for posting these reviews. I think these are great keyword tools but it still lacks the dimension of competition. When I search by keyword, I immediately filter my keywords by AllIntitle and Average PR in Google's SERP.

For the brainstorming, I usually go for a simpler route, but I love SEMrush! http// is by far the best keyword tool. It gives you relevant semantic terms based on TF-IDF and graphs on the frequency at which they are used in the first 10 SERP results. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Ace! Thanks for the great comments! Super tools Ann! Thank you for putting this together and sharing. I have never used hashtags on Twitter and Google Plus to search for keywords.

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