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If you do not have an AdWords account, you'll need it to use the KeyWord Planner, but that's not a problem, you can create one. It's a bit more complicated than in the past, because you need to create a live AdWords campaign as part of the process! This disgusts many people because it seems like you have to advertise to use the tool. You can not just set up the campaign and pause it before it runs, so you do not need to spend a cent.

In addition to the volume and difficulty, Keyword Explorer offers The tool relies on Keyword Planner, Google Suggest and Related Searches. If you have already developed a list of keywords with a different tool, you can easily download them in Keyword Explorer to get more information and start setting priorities. The Keyword Planner also offers a better understanding of why some pages are categorized in the SERP based on links and social data.

There are no competition pages , no search untimely or inurl and no other competition type. For each keyword, you'll see a full analysis of the top ten ranking pages for that keyword, including their authority, optimization factors on the page, the number of backlinks, and more. again! Looking for the ideal AdSense keyword? Thousands of variants, the keywords with the highest level of traffic, the lowest competition and the highest potential earnings are just a few clicks!

The following image contains 4 screenshots that show how Google suggests long tail keywords How you use this feature depends on your product and service, of course. There are thousands of niches there and each niche has its own peculiarities and pain points. You must use the Google Suggest feature cleverly to search for the most searched and relevant long tail keywords. Keyword Tool uses the Google Suggest API to find long tail keywords.

You probably will not use all 10 of these tools atat the same time, both offer the same level of functionality, but it's worth experimenting with all of them. Once you find a few that fit your marketing style, you can count on them for every aspect of your search for short and long term keywords to use on your landing page, blog and copy on online ads. Many people complain about the lack of data provided by keyword research tools and compare them to each other.

It will take you to a landing page that looks like this Paste with the same example as above, we will launch a phrase search, "Internet Marketing". Here's what you get In addition to keyword suggestions, pay close attention to the number of monthly searches. This gives you a good idea of ​​the long-running keywords that can generate the most traffic to your website based on historical information about the user's intent.

Last, but not least, I want to let you know the evaluation criteria and free keyword research tools that I took into consideration to arrive at this deadline. decision. First of all, I had to reject brainstorming, user surveys and Wordpot from my original list of keyword tools. Brainstorming and user surveys were not comparable enough and Wordpot does not seem to exist anymore. These changes have given other keyword tools - new and old - the opportunity to enter the Top 10 this time and mix the results up a bit.

Wordstream is a tool for managing your pay-per-click advertising campaigns PPC via Google. It provides a keyword search component within this framework. If I choose the keyword suggestion tool, then I just entered my keywords and see similar results at Google Keyword Planner. Your AdWords account is partially integrated, which allows you to exclude words already used in your account. Note Prices are based on a complete PPC management tool and keyword search is only part of this solution, so it would be unfair to include the price.

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