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Tip You can also export the results in CSV format, which can help you from the point of view of organization and reports. If you are interested in local referral, you should familiarize yourself with Bulk Keyword Generator. It's designed for marketing professionals like you who go beyond a simple blog for friends. Every tool on this list is extremely good. However, SECockpit is one of those at the top of the hierarchy.

Because it gives an easy overview of your related and side keywords, it can serve as an "all-in-one" search solution. When it comes to competitive research, SpyFu is one of the originals. It focuses on giving you a complete picture of what your competitors are doing - and even helping you identify those rivals by browsing SEO and paid traffic activity on dozens of adjacent sites. Even trying his free online analysis goes a long way to showing you what he can do.

If you only create an AdWords account to use the Keyword Tool, and you do not spend money on advertising which you can do perfectly well, you'll only see approximate ranges. volumes of research rather than detailed figures. This actually makes it unnecessary to estimate search volumes! The best thing to do now is to use the new Cloud version of Long Tail Pro, which displays search volume data without the need for an AdWords account.

Mondovo provides a lot more functionality compared to the big competitors in the industry of refe- nence. I use it as a Backlink checker, but you can also use it for page analysis, keyword research, and competitor search. I would certainly recommend it as a viable alternative to the best known SEO tools. E-Commerce Specialist - Cortland Apple Premium Reseller I love the platform and all the changes they've made, which allows referral agencies to bring in even more data.

The following image contains 4 screenshots that show how Google suggests long tail keywords How you use this feature depends on your product and service, of course. There are thousands of niches there and each niche has its own peculiarities and pain points. You must use the Google Suggest feature cleverly to search for the most searched and relevant long tail keywords. Keyword Tool uses the Google Suggest API to find long tail keywords.

Here are the top five keyword research tools that I recommend for startups to start a well-rounded keyword base for referral. Google Keyword Planner is the best place to start searching for keywords. It is designed for advertising, but you can use it to search for organic keywords by customizing your results for one of your competitors. Enter your product or service, your competitor's landing page, and the product category.

The tool therefore provides important information on potential keywords. On the other hand, Google Trends visualizes the development of interest for certain search terms over time. It also displays regional centers of interest and identifies related research related to general topics as well as specific queries. As the name suggests, it's a handy tool for differentiating trendy topics, buzzwords and current problems at any time.

Here is an example of an analytics account that I have access to. Cost Free or full data with Moz Pro from $ 99 / month Useful for Analyzing research results for competition and opportunity. Use case The MozBar does not help you to discover the keywords, it helps you analyze them directly in Google's search results. This tool is best applied when you try to evaluate if you can deal with it after a particular keyword or topic.

This time, I tried and made my decision as transparent and understandable as possible. After you find the lists of my 10 best free keyword search tools from time to time. In the new list, I scored the tools that climbed the rankings, the tools that went down the rankings as well as the newcomers. Here is a quick overview of our overview now vs. then Wordtracker's Getting Started page is nice and clean and clearly focuses on getting your keyword research started.

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