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This is very useful for searching for keywords. Thank you for sharing this great post. Great keyword research tools Jonathan, this is my first time to know Freshkey, so it would be nice to try it too. Comments on wordtracker? I wonder how good it is since and I would like to know on your note why it is not included in your list? Thank you for sharing this. Great keyword research tools Jonathan, this is my first time to know Freshkey, so it would be nice to try it too.

Using SECockpit was a turning point for our company where we spent a lot of time looking for keywords, and we were still not sure if we had a quick, easy-to-use solution that was very easy to use. s reliable. "I live and breathe SwissMadeMarketing. I do not make a business decision or write a blog post or web page without consulting it. Competition in the online space has become more demanding and fast in the last two years. The key is automation and it's the driving force of SwissMadeMarketing.

Google uses a technique called latent semantic indexing to discover the contents of a page. Google can then display the results, even if the search query does not exactly match the keywords used, because Google knows what it is, not just the keywords used. . Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords LSI keywords are keywords that Google believes to be related to the same subject. The more content you cast, the more likely you are to rank among the keywords you have not thought of yet.

Another useful tool similar to, is Soovle which offers search queries from eBay, which is also a search engine with high purchase intentions Ubersuggest is a another free tool that also extracts all keyword searches. And for the more visual ones, you can refer to a cloud of words that could give rise to new ideas If you can position your product page to be optimized for the keywords you are looking for s most often, and who have the highest demand, you set yourself for success!

Long tails helped a lot.Awesome list, thanks! Here is another great tool that I recommend to use RankTracker. It is very user-friendly and its feature "Suggest keywords" is a killer. Keyword is definitely a good one, but I was not happy with keywordspy and semrush because of the irrelevant stuff I get when I do a search. Although both say they update regularly, you find a lot of irrelevant or generic keywords which include stop words, which may not be effective for your campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner is the first keyword research tool that most people learn. It may not be the most advanced. This may not be the only one you should use. But, as it is run by Google, it should always be in the back of your mind when using a keyword explorer. In the same way as Google Keyword Planner, the 7search tool is extremely easy to use. When landing on the 7search home page, click on the Publicity button in the top navigation menu.

Remember, if you stuff your content with keywords, you'll lose rank in Google, not win. That's all. You have the tools and all you need to do is search and deploy keywords in your content! Receive updates on new articles, webinars and other opportunities Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. It helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom to increase their revenues. Please join the conversation!

To learn more about how users click and scroll through your website Get updates on new articles, webinars, and other opportunities Startups start with an idea, but are lacking significant financial resources. They are therefore reluctant to spend money for something as basic as keyword research. Bootstrapped owners use the free Google keyword planner, check with their potential customers for keywords, and note down any keyword they brainstorm.

You can also use Keyword Planner's suggestions as a basis for creating long-tail keywords using some of the other tools below. KWFinder is a long-tail keyword research tool with an excellent interface. It shows you the trend, the search volume, the CPC and the difficulty level of the results. But if you click on an individual keyword, a second pane displays its level of difficulty from one to one hundred and the current Google search results.

Here are the free keyword research tools I use for SEO. Don’t worry these are not freemium SEO tools. I use these daily at my agency because they work! I don’t waste your time covering keyword…

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