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What challenges did you encounter with the keyword research tools? How did you get around them? Let me know in the comments! Maybe you're right Stoney. Different tools with different values. your comparison is very useful. Well, of course, I'm right! The point is not that keyword research tools can not be used, just that they can not be invoked. More data is needed. I totally agree. Check the list of tools for marketing, advertising, referral, CRO, SaaS, web development, computer graphics, etc. all available at BetaPage.

The data you generate can be exported to a CSV or Excel document that can also be marked in white. You can also export the data to any other Mondovo tool using our unique Tag Manager system. Create unlimited Whitelabel reports for customers $ 20 / month. Mondovo's Keyword Research Tool is approved by more than 2,500 webmasters and referral agencies worldwide! Managing a digital agency, I had to be on my feet to get the right information at the right time.

Instead of getting keyword suggestions, think more about topic suggestions - usually useful for content ideas. If you want to be a bit more advanced, click on the links filter. This will show you the words used as links in the Wiki page. Since Wiki generally links to related topics, these ideas will be related topics. Useful for Keyword / inspirational topic, you know that people are looking for.

However, if you get to the point where you've created your own website on Amazon, and you want to generate paid traffic on the page, it's definitely a valuable information you'll want to have ! If we want to have an idea of ​​some of the key words targeted by our competitors, we can enter their landing page. If you're not sure what keywords may be relevant to, you can start your keyword search by referring to a competitor's site.

All this aggravation for $ 20? Keyword search tools let you see what people are looking for on the web, guess what else they couldsearch and then optimize for these keywords. If you go to and start a search on blogs, you'll go to a new page where you'll find a list of different web pages that talk about blogs. What you may not realize is that your search has been saved. Search engines keep track of the number of people looking for different terms.

So on this basis, you have a version 2 of the keyword tool matrix with more tools and also showing if there is a key word difficulty measure included I hope this is much more helpful to help you choose the best keyword search tool. me to add or additional measures to include easily? Just let me know! I will inform you of all the news on the reference, articles, upcoming conferences ... Hey Aleyda, does this include the new SEMrush magic keyword tool or the new tool Key-word 2.0 of Ahref?

Do you need a new keyword? There are many tools, including many on this list, that help you generate lists of keywords in depth. But, you could miss the boat, if you do not pay attention to what your competition does. It goes without saying that you can visit any web page, such as a blog post on a competitor's site and search for keyword data. After a few minutes, you should have a better idea of ​​the primary and secondary keywords.

For those who did not know it, Google started blocking keyword references by switching from natural search to Google Analytics, and called it "not provided" as in " your keyword is not provided ". Although there can be no real solution to retrieve keyword data, the Labs Authoritative feature is one of the few that gives you a certain level of keyword data. Cost Starts at $ 99 / month and you get all the other rank tracking features Helpful for Finding the keywords "Unknown Unknowns" with Opportunity Use Cases As stated , this tool is ideal for discovering these "unknown unknowns".

I find the keyword planner rather useless. Many things are missing compared to the keyword tool. It is rather frustrating because I need a good matrix to continue !!! I find the keyword planner rather useless. Many things are missing compared to the keyword tool. It is rather frustrating because I need a good matrix to continue !!! It's really interesting to see ... thank you it's done it's really interesting to see ... thank you it's done well

It's not like the picture above. No clear data on monthly searches Only a wide range. and also the blue bar graph / chart is no longer shown. What is the best free alternative? This is not entirely correct - Google has removed search volume data only for small accounts. Data from other accounts remains unchanged. I do not know what the exact limit is, but anecdotally it is not very high. The only place where you will get Google search data is Google, or any of the paid services that provide it.

Nick and James from Creare explain Meta Tags, highlighting the most important ones and how best to use them for effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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