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There is really no free tool that compares. If you are a Pro then pay for tools, but if you are doing this for yourself or your small company there is a lot of free valuable information from the Keyword Planner. Thank you for your feedback. The new Cloud version of LongTailPro no longer needs an AdWords account for search data, which is good news for those who do not use AdWords! Thank you Tim, it's a great post and very useful for me.

So on this basis, you have a version 2 of the keyword tool matrix with more tools and also showing if there is a key word difficulty measure included I hope this is much more helpful to help you choose the best keyword search tool. me to add or additional measures to include easily? Just let me know! I will inform you of all the news on the reference, articles, upcoming conferences ... Hey Aleyda, does this include the new SEMrush magic keyword tool or the new tool Key-word 2.0 of Ahref?

By default, the results are sorted by value. You can reorder the results alphabetically, by volume, or by CPC by clicking on the column headers. The search results table also allows you to filter the keywords using the Filter Word Search field. This allows you to search the list to find different subsets of keywords. For example, we might want to find all the keywords that have the word "free" in them. To clear your search, simply delete the text in the search field.

For bloggers and small businesses who want to focus on less saturated keywords, this is a smart approach. Long Tail Pro has its own approach to scoring keywords and metrics built on Majestic. It offers versatile insights into the profitability of keywords depending on whether you are working on an Adsense site, an Amazon affiliate site, or a site for your own product. As we head to the middle of the list, we hit Wordtracker - an entry most SEO experts have heard about at one time or another.

Google Keyword Planner is the first keyword research tool that most people learn. It may not be the most advanced. This may not be the only one you should use. But, as it is run by Google, it should always be in the back of your mind when using a keyword explorer. In the same way as Google Keyword Planner, the 7search tool is extremely easy to use. When landing on the 7search home page, click on the Publicity button in the top navigation menu.

This will show you up to 20 key words that your competitor uses for anchor text when creating links, allowing you to know what they are targeting and the strength of their creative campaign. linking to the number of root domains and links using this text. I know, I know, we all know about Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Usually, I use the guy in a word and let him make suggestions for me aspect, but for this exercise, I went into a field to see what would happen.

Simply put in a simple generic term, and uber suggests will help you narrow down the options with his suggestions. You will get suggestions for related keywords as well as search data. Despite its generic name, Keyword Tool provides excellent results for your keyword searches. Just enter a search term and a keyword generation tool will generate up to 750 suggestions for long-tail keywords. You will need to upgrade to the pro version to get information such as search volume, cost-per-click and competition. Of course, Google offers its own keyword planner as part of its many tools for AdSense.

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