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Nowadays, it's not just risky to focus on certain key words remember the famous penalties for over-optimization?, But it's counterproductive re Hummingbird, Google is trying to understand your content beyond the keywords. He wants to understand "things concepts instead of chains the exact sequence of words you type." Learn more If you're not sure what the word means concept of "things, not strings" for content creation, read this excellent article by Bill Slawski.

These are often keywords outside the box that would be impossible to find using another tool. Enter a competitor's domain name in the field at the top of the page. If you are referencing in a country outside the United States for example, on, you may choose to consult information on that specific market. Just choose this country in this menu Here is what the different terms of this section mean SEMrush Rank is where the domain ranks in its domain database like Alexa, plus the number is low, the better.

You will still get about the same keyword ideas as everyone else. We need new, out-of-the-boxbeaten ways to find keyword ideas, which are not the same that everyone has already found using the above methods. KW Finder not only finds keyword suggestions, but also gives very useful information about the competency of a keyword both for reference and PPC advertising, as well as search volume data.

You can see the estimated search volumees that are averaged over a period of 12 months. You can configure the country for which you want to display the results or delete the country to display global results. This gives you an idea of ​​whether the content you are writing is popular. Once you know if it's popular, you'll need another tool to determine if you can rank for that in Google searches.

Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush are two of my favorite keyword search tools. Finding the most profitable keyword is really easy if you have these tools. Thank you for such an excellent article. I still have a question that how can we find average monthly searches for a key word from a specific country? Google Keyword Planner shows estimated global searches, but I want to know the monthly search volume for a specific country.

I usually start with the free Keyword Tool Suggest a bulk search of SEO Chat to broaden my topics and make a brainstorm. It shows you what users are typing in Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon by starting with your basic word The beauty of seeing these search engines side by side resides in the ability to see people looking for your basic term with different intent YouTube search for entertainment purposes, Amazon to buy, and Google or Bing for mixed reasons.

If you can not buy semrush or pro search tools, you can do basic research with google keyword planner.Well thanks for the article. Hi Neil, thank you very much for taking the time to compile this useful list of free tools. I agree with you if anyone just started it might be a wise decision not to spend too much money on additional expenses. Over the long run, but I think it's money well spent investing in a paid keyword research tool.

Not only does this give you new keyword ideas, variations and synonyms, but it also allows you to sort keywords based on their popularity. Instead of just getting four new keywords from Google's Suggestions drop-down list, you can now get unlimited keywords if you keep adding small letters like a, b , c, d, etc. At the end of your keyword. . FreshKey will even give you some ideas on the keywords to add before you have to pay them the old way by browsing your search report.

If you are looking for key word data from the source, you can not go wrong with this tool. Are you having trouble discovering new keywords in your search for keywords? This is a challenge you may encounter when launching your new site. Although you know the best keywords in your niche, you do not know where to go from there. And, as you know, this can be a problem when you create more content.

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