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In addition, this time, I followed predefined evaluation criteria to make my Top 10 more replicable. In what follows, I will list the crucial evaluation criteria and the results of my analysis on which the above summary is based. There were three main criteria that I took into account in the process. It was the most subjective question to evaluate in my analysis. I decided to give each keyword research tool a score of 1 being the best possible score to 6 the worst score.

Ann is the regular contributor to Entrepreneur, Small Biz Trends, and other huge publications. Ann blogs on the trends of the research industry and social media and content marketing tools. Please follow Ann on Twitter @seosmarty. Very useful, Ann! I also use SEMrush - they have a "preview" free, with reasonable data. You can use it to see what strategies are being used by competitors to rank. Thank you for being here, Mig! There are some more advanced keyword search tools.

I've been using this one for a while too - it's like google instant and bing suggest that everything goes in one ... .ubersuggest. Thanks for the good ideas Johnathan! I did keyword research all weekend and these ideas should definitely help my strategies. I've been using this one for a while too - it's like google instant and bing suggest all rolled into one ... .ubersuggest. Super good post. I just came across your weblog and I want to mention that I really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

In my case, Google Keyword Planner returned 800 keywords searched. Upload yours as a CSV file and name it as 01 Keywords or something else with a number because there will be other files to download / created st. This is the best place for keyword research because it will provide you with the most complete and targeted list of words. Google Trends not only allows you to compare the popularity of one keyword over another, but it also tells you which keywords are gaining popularity in your market, allowing you to exploit the best keywords of your niche.

The project slept for a long time but I completely revived it a few weeks ago. It's absolutely free to use! Thank you for creating this impressive list of free online keyword research tools. I think I will test everyone and see for myself what is best for my needs. This is important so that I can have another keyword search tool outside Google's Keyword Planner. Thanks again for this one, Fenja. thanks for the suggestion, i think i will test everyone and see for myself which best suits my needs.

SECockpit is probably the most advanced keyword search tool on the market. Yes, you enter a keyword and get suggestions like any other tool. But SECockpit can do a lot more than list a list of related keywords. It can spit out keywords of low competition. It can show you the keywords that get a minimum CPC in Adwords. It can even show you keywords that have YouTube, Ebay or Amazon results on the first page.

Although all keyword search volume data is inaccurate, it is magnified when it comes to low-volume keywords. This becomes an even bigger problem as more and more researchers move away from research with short sentences. Voice research exasperates it even more with natural language phrases becoming the norm in research. In fact, even in 2012, it has been found that 16% to 20% of the queries that are asked each day have never been asked before.

Download the file you downloaded from Keyword Snatcher you can then see the search volume, the suggested bid e and the Adwords contest for all the keywords that the tool has provided you. When it comes to generating massive lists of keyword ideas, you'll have a hard time finding a more robust tool than Keyword Snatcher. I prefer you to see Google keyword planner data without having to download a file, but that's not a break for me because it only takes an extra minute.

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