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And that's actually one of the uses of keyword search. But to find the intent, you need to do additional research - the tools themselves do not provide it, and many of the key words say nothing about the intent of the researcher. Understanding the intent of the researcher is important because it shows you what information you need to provide to meet the needs of the researcher. If you do not understand the intent of the research, you have no way of knowing if the content will be useful to the researcher.

It is a very specific product. I had an idea in my mind using other marketing channels like Facebook to advertise the product but it's very expensive. So, I do not know how to start with a low cost strategy. An idea? Good question - is it an invention of your product? Or are you trying to label a very specific product? We always recommend for the private brand model to find an existing product that has a demand and low competition, which you can manufacture under your own brand and sell on Amazon.

SECockpit is probably the most advanced keyword search tool on the market. Yes, you enter a keyword and get suggestions like any other tool. But SECockpit can do a lot more than list a list of related keywords. It can spit out keywords of low competition. It can show you the keywords that get a minimum CPC in Adwords. It can even show you keywords that have YouTube, Ebay or Amazon results on the first page.

So, in this case, the keyword research tools we use in this series are exaggerated. You do not need it. I suspect that the majority of Copyblogger readers are in a different category, though. If you are learning to write and want to use your blog as a better sales tool, then you can look at keyword research tools from a business perspective. You can ask "Are they worth the return on investment?"

As you can see, this approach is totally different from what you find with the other keyword search tools in this list. With this free tool, you can have a clear idea of ​​what people are really looking for. This is an interesting approach to keyword research that can help you better understand what real people are actually typing in the search engines. This keyword tool will give you long-tail natural phrases and this, in the end, increases the search volume on blog content, business pages and all other content marketing efforts.

I use Google+ hashtags to discover related topics, "things, not channels" that can make my content more complete by including more concepts, news or resources. Whenever you search for a hashtag on Google+, it will take you to its section / Explore allowing you to explore the hashtags concepts you would like to mention in your article As there are a lot of hashtags to follow, I uses the free, gated Cyfe service to create a separate dashboard to monitor and archive the social media context for all of my key relevant terms.

Did you know that 15% of daily search queries have never been seen by Google before? Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword search tool provided by Google that gives an estimate of the search volume based on keywords or a group of keywords. You enter keywords, a web page and / or a category of products to do your research You are then presented with results, where you see a range of key words s related to your search.

Because it's a market unlike any other, with a black hole of millions and millions of products maybe close to 500 million products, it's not the best place to browse and go. To cover new products. Instead, Amazon users are extremely focused on buying enter the search term for what they want, and check with maximum speed and effectiveness. Amazon did not patent the cash in one click for nothing!

SERPs is a quick and easy to use tool, ideal for beginners and experts. It provides keywords associated with the search term, volume, CPC and value. SERPs displays all these data on a page, which allows you to filter the results with secondary keywords and add them to the List of saved results , TV loadable in .csv format. Although the SERPs are a good tool for daily content creation, I recommend taking the data provided on CPC and Value with a grain of salt by confirming the volume and difficulty with another search tool. keywords.

Install it, open it, click on file and enter your competitor's URL in the "Check URL" field. I do not know if you counted, but there are more than 10 free keyword search tools and resources listed above. A word of warning is in order. After the search, you will develop lists containing primary and secondary keywords, long-tail keywords, LSI keywords,and synonyms. And you'll be ready to use them in your content and on the SEO page.

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