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I played with Google's new Keyword Planner and have to admit that I find it more useful than the previous Google Keyword tool. I played with Google's new Keyword Planner and have to admit that I find it more useful than the previous Google Keyword tool. I bought Freshkey yesterday but I did not get the download link - poor enough - a dubious outfit. I will ask my credit card company to rebuy I bought Freshkey yesterday but I did not get the download link - poor enough - a questionable outfit Card company To chargeback Sorry to hear about this Michael.

Another great tool for getting ideas The keywords are Similar to Google Keyword Planner, you can enter a keyword and then get a list of search terms associated with your target audience. Best of all, you can get keyword-specific searches for Amazon as well as Bing, YouTube and more. You can really dig into the long-tail keywords with this tool because it uses Amazon's Auto Complete to extract all the related keywords that you should consider in your list of products.

You enter your keywords and all the extra keywords such as the long tail ones you've discovered using the tools above, and Long Tail Pro will find the number of people looking for each keyword, analyze the Google SERPs for each of them, and give you an idea of ​​the ranking difficulty. In addition to this, it will also check the availability of the domain name for each of them. It saves hours and is literally a gold mine.

Boost these pages a bit and they are likely to appear on top of the organic search. There are two simple techniques you can use for this Identify the missing keywords for a unique URL and find keyword opportunities for that. Not all of your competitors are your direct competitors. Have you ever wondered why giants like Amazon or Wikipedia are on top for so many requests? Even if your services bring more value to the user, managers may appear higher than you in the search results because ... well, they are geeks!

Discover this picture. I compared the keywords sewing machines and sewing machines USA and found out that almost no users were looking for sewing machines , maybe because § sound artificial or too broad. I scrolled down, and look what I found - my main markets existed in the US, providing exceptional genealogy data! No other free keyword search goes into such detail. That's not all the lower search revealed the highest and highest keywords related to sewing machines! Google Trends is an essential keyword research tool, but often overlooked.

Last, but not least, I want to let you know the evaluation criteria and free keyword research tools that I took into consideration to arrive at this deadline. decision. First of all, I had to reject brainstorming, user surveys and Wordpot from my original list of keyword tools. Brainstorming and user surveys were not comparable enough and Wordpot does not seem to exist anymore. These changes have given other keyword tools - new and old - the opportunity to enter the Top 10 this time and mix the results up a bit.

Average Monthly Searches Although the actual search volume on Amazon differs from what you see in GKP, you can assume that the volume will be the same relatively, which helps you prioritize keywords. That will allow you to get the most traffic on Amazon. Competition and Suggested Offer These columns are more specific to creating an AdWords campaign and noty relevant to help you create an optimized Amazon list.

Thanks for your comments, the Bing Ads Intelligence tool is also great! Will be a part of the next list? Are you a business owner, online marketer or content creator? If so, you will probably want more people to visit your website, read your content, and buy your products or services. The easiest way to do this is to find out what your customers or potential readers are looking for on Google and to create content on your website around these topics.

I use Google+ hashtags to discover related topics, "things, not channels" that can make my content more complete by including more concepts, news or resources. Whenever you search for a hashtag on Google+, it will take you to its section / Explore allowing you to explore the hashtags concepts you would like to mention in your article As there are a lot of hashtags to follow, I uses the free, gated Cyfe service to create a separate dashboard to monitor and archive the social media context for all of my key relevant terms.

This can help you plan your referral strategy beyond the search for keywords. Keyword Tool is an excellent starting point for keyword data mining. The tool uses Google AutoComplete data to create its long tail keyword suggestion database. Anyone using Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords should also use the keyword tool. Since Keyword Planner is designed for advertisers, it does not always show the lucrative long-track keywords that Keyword Tool manages to capture.

Using keywords to search in Outlook will give you better more specific results when searching. Try from:, to:, subject: and then your keyword to find better results. Welcome to the Braintek…

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