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Very useful tip! I will definitely keep that in mind, Super Critic! I think that http// could easily reach the top 3, because it has 2 times more keywords than Ubersuggest and does not hang with the ads in ¸ thanks for suggesting suggestion, Maria! Stay tuned for an article update. I will definitely consider your proposal, You can also try because it has a nice fashion questions only to find catchy title suggestions.

Last, but not least, I want to let you know the evaluation criteria and free keyword research tools that I took into consideration to arrive at this deadline. decision. First of all, I had to reject brainstorming, user surveys and Wordpot from my original list of keyword tools. Brainstorming and user surveys were not comparable enough and Wordpot does not seem to exist anymore. These changes have given other keyword tools - new and old - the opportunity to enter the Top 10 this time and mix the results up a bit.

It gives you an enormous list of suggestions for all the keywords. From this list after Google keyword tool ubersuggest is my next favorite. It gives you an enormous list of suggestions for all the keywords. nice info., have these tools that you shared exactly the same as Google AdSense by keyword? nice info., have these tools that you shared exactly the same as Google AdSense by keyword? Good resources. is used by many leading SEOs to find long-tail and related keywords. This long tail keyword research tool can provide thousands of keyword suggestions from real user queries. There are few places on the Web where you can find keywords that people type in the Google search box. One of the most popular sources of this information is Google Keyword Planner.

Curious about why you wrote "The high bounce rates clearly indicate that the page was not necessarily relevant". Was the page not perfectly relevant and was the only page the user needed? Thank you for the comment Barry and yes, you are right under certain circumstances. But apart from blog posts and contact pages, these circumstances are extremely rare. Even in the case of blog posts, most people want visitors to engage with their site so the goal is to facilitate that engagement by engaging the visitor in the next action plan, whatever.

This is great software to find great long tail keywords Thank you for sharing these Dave tools! Thank you for giving options! But I was wondering which one do you recommend the most? Hi, Dave. Another great article from you. Really useful and interesting article. All of these SEO search tools and keywords are helpful. SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner are my best choice. Thank you for sharing.

Instantly see a sales estimate for any Amazon product. Find out instantly how your Amazon listing is optimized and how it can be improved. Note This post is a great list of keyword research tools Even in the digital marketing world, when you plan to do SEO, you have to start with something, right? I do not think anyone would go on the link building and guest posting to improve their SEO as soon as they leave.

To access the Google Keyword Planner, you need to create a free AdWords account. You do not need to create active campaigns or spend money. Once you have created your account, you can find the Keyword Planner under the Tools tab There are several useful methods for extracting the relevant GKP keywords. If you drop a few key words, or "headings," we can begin to reveal other search phrases that can help us.

The project slept for a long time but I completely revived it a few weeks ago. It's absolutely free to use! Thank you for creating this impressive list of free online keyword research tools. I think I will test everyone and see for myself what is best for my needs. This is important so that I can have another keyword search tool outside Google's Keyword Planner. Thanks again for this one, Fenja. thanks for the suggestion, i think i will test everyone and see for myself which best suits my needs.

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