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Long Tail Pro Problems

Too scummy for me. Probably a great tool, but ... either charge more for it, or stop with the approach of the timeshare sales tour. You've won a free trip to Ibiza! All you have to do is make our round of our timeshare! Absolutely exasperating. Update 24 hours later, and, it should be noted, I still do not have my Freshkey software license key. Their call center pretense does not work when you dial the number, there is simply a long continuous ringing, and no one returns email 2 of them, as of this morning.

I wish they gave users the opportunity to use old or new keyword research tools. Ubersuggest looks really cool and I will definitely try that one. Thanks for the keyword tool suggestions and have a great day! - Jason Chan Super happy it was Jason's fog. FreshKey is also awesome, but Ubersuggest is going to work wonders Super happy it was Jason's fog. FreshKey is also awesome, but Ubersuggest will do wonders

I use all the keyword research tools for my website. Thanks for the useful content .... Personally, I like GKP and But we can not deny the usefulness of other keyword search tools that are re-branded. They are obligatory for all who wish to be classifiedgh in the search engines. Using 2-3 tools for keyword research can yield better results. Thank you Neil for such useful information.

The data you generate can be exported to a CSV or Excel document that can also be marked in white. You can also export the data to any other Mondovo tool using our unique Tag Manager system. Create unlimited Whitelabel reports for customers $ 20 / month. Mondovo's Keyword Research Tool is approved by more than 2,500 webmasters and referral agencies worldwide! Managing a digital agency, I had to be on my feet to get the right information at the right time.

$ 79.95 for access for one month, $ 69.95 if you sign up for a current monthly cash payment and $ 149.95 if you want additional users, more word tracking and other features. SEMRush is a very useful tool for research on keywords and competitors. Really worth the trip. Long Tail Pro allows you to do keyword research, to find out how competitive terms rank in the search results and to analyze the content for which a website ranks.

So how exactly does HitTail work? ? Once you have signed up for an account, the following landing page is displayed Keyword Your ideas are not generated by the searches you perform, but you receive ideas It's based on data from your Google Search Console account, an extra layer of sophistication missing from other tools, once everything is set up and HitTail can extract data. your Google Search Console account, you're in business.

If you choose very popular keywords that everyone pursues, you have no chance of ranking. There is just too much competition. It's easy to categorize the terms that no one is looking for. But it is useless, of course! So, how do you find keywords that enough people are looking for to make them worthwhile, but not so compelling that they are impossible to categorize? And how do you find keywords that everyone has not already found - what is the best keyword research tool to use?

You enter a few keywords seeds and the AdWords Keyword Planner offers other suggestions for you, as well as estimates of traffic volume and an indication of the degree of competitivity or difficult ranking of each keyword. . There is, however, a problem with this approach - it shows the same results to everyone, including your competitors. So everyone searches for terms with a decent search volume, and not too much competition, and suddenly everyone is aiming for the same keywords!

These keywords, coming directly from the horse's mouth, are undoubtedly precious. However, if you limit yourself to this source alone, you are wrong! With SECockpit, you can also get keyword variations from the Google AdWords tool, but it also offers a lot more. Use our Google Suggest search tool to find the long tail search terms most often ignored by the AdWords source. In addition, the keywords Suggest are more likely to be "fresh" and on the heels of current trends!

Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush are two of my favorite keyword search tools. Finding the most profitable keyword is really easy if you have these tools. Thank you for such an excellent article. I still have a question that how can we find average monthly searches for a key word from a specific country? Google Keyword Planner shows estimated global searches, but I want to know the monthly search volume for a specific country. – Do you really think Long Tail Pro is the answer to all your problems in life? Give me a break! Long Tail Pro is really not the answer to all your problems…

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